Join an Indulgence Travel sponsored trip to Thailand for October 2020.  Dates and itinerary is currently being finalized.  Once finalized, there will be a deposit of $200.00 per person (based on double occupancy).

Experience the diversity of Thailand on this journey to the city, beach, and jungle.   You'll have the opportunity to  be captivated by city bustle, relax and enjoy wellness treatments on world-famous beaches, and get in touch with elephants and jungle life in the rainforest.

In addition to experience the culture of Thailand you will also be able to enjoy the cuisine of Thailand is known for being very spicy and for using fresh herbs and spices. Thai people also like to combine different flavors like spicy, sour, sweet and salty and often use fermented fish sauce in almost every dish. (While this can be a problem for vegetarians, visitors can say “jay” which indicates that they are vegetarians). Being the world’s largest exporter of rice, it is not surprising that rice is a staple of many Thai dishes and is eaten with most meals. Khoa Pad is fried rice made with pork or chicken and is flavored with chillies and fish sauce. Khao Tom is a breakfast dish that resembles porridge and is flavored with pork and garlic. There is also Khao Niaw or “sticky rice” which is eaten by hand

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Indulgence Travel's Thailand Culinary and Culture Tour